Towbar for Tesla Model 3 & S

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Detachable System

Our towbars are equipped with high quality, detachable automatic system. They do not require cutting or modifying of the bumper (except Model S, but cutting  is not visible ). After disassembly towbar is completely invisible.

Plug & Play

Wiring Harness

Each towbar is supplied with a plug & play wiring harness. It does not require cutting wires in the car's electrical system. All connections are made with connector plugs identical to those that already exist on the car. Wiring kit supports trailers with standard bulbs and LED lamps. It is 100% compatible with Tesla car systems.

EU CE Approved

Towbars for all Tesla models, already in the prototype phase, undergo very rigorous laboratory tests. The mechanical test consists in testing the strength of the hitch and beam in 2,000,000 cycles. Also, quality at the production stage is constantly supervised to maintain the certified standard. As a result, the product  meets the highest European quality and safety standards (E20)

Premium Quality

Our products are designed in such a way that they do not require modification of the car and fit into the original assembly points.

The mounting beam has high quality anti-corrosion protection and powder coating. They are prepared for many years of use, even in difficult weather conditions.

The Project

The goal of our project is to provide an alternative towing solution for Tesla that combines high-quality products, innovative solutions at a competitive price.

Currently, our Tesla towbars are in the testing phase, approval process or preparation for production. They are not yet available on the market. Nevertheless, intensive work is underway to implement the project, so we will soon begin with shipping our products directly to customers around the world. We are also planning to expand the assembly network in Europe.

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